Taaqiy Grant

ex-producer / director

Taaqiy Grant is the Executive Producer of two groundbreaking documentaries, NUBIA – the untold story and the Tekhen – Uncovering the influence of Ancient Egypt.  The upcoming documentary entitled HAPI details the Role of Economics on the Development of Civilization.

We’ve brought together some of the brightest minds in psychology, history, and business to explore the “BIG PICTURE”, tying together the history of world economic development to our present socio-economic condition.

This project isn’t just about the past. It’s about you and me, right here, right now. Understanding is the key to making changes for the better. Support HAPI and let’s discover how we can make a breakthrough together. Thank you!


Felicia Bradford


Detroit born New York made, Felicia Bradford makes films that inspire her as a black woman.  Trained as an Occupational Therapist at the prestigious Howard University many moons ago.  Felicia volunteered as an actor for directors taking a master level directing for film class with the esteemed Ethiopian Filmmaker Haile Germia.  Feeling like she won the lottery for so many reasons, she started to pursue a career as an actress in DC.   Discontented with options behind and in front of the camera, she formed a production company with two of her best friends and she started to produce their work   In 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, with a family now, she decided to go to film school and occupy her time that might be consumed with her diagnosis learning how to make films.  At City College, is where her focus became even more clear.  Felicia has produced several films since school, but she is most proud of her thesis film, January 30th, that she uses as an opener to talk to black women in --------neighborhoods ---------  Felicia has currently shifted her focus to producing HAPI.  Falling in love with Egypt and learning about the significance of the female voice in the development of civilization made saying yes to the project a no-brainer.

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Robert W. Gay

Director of photography & Editor

Cultural influences can persuade the like of multiple individuals but it is also there basis of inspiration. Robert Gay has always been captivated by delivering compelling visuals and striking cinematography. Director, producer and senior editor, Robert Gay showcases a versatile portfolio. His intuitive sense of filmmaking and imagery storytelling results in contrasting visual techniques. Committed to uncompromising visions that challenge conventional paradigms, for him, cinematography is about highlighting authentic moments and crafting intriguing stories around them to keep his viewers engaged. Robert works to encourage dialogue and foster community through producing, education, distribution, and curatorial projects. He is relentless when editing and finding an ideal perspective to tell a story, while deeply influenced by sounds, travel and subculture. He is recently working on his first feature length documentary film as a cinematographer on an internationally acclaimed project entitled “HAPI- The Role of Economics on the Development of Civilization”. 

 Robert is the founder and president of Tehuti Films LLC, a boutique production company specializing in socially conscious, short-format content and feature length documentary. Tehuti Films has broadcast credit on Viacom, A&E, and PBS networks. As a full-service production company, Tehuti Films’ diverse portfolio displays profile pieces of urban entrepreneurs, commercial advertisement, music entertainment and documentary journalism.


Johanna Rosario


Johanna attended New York University for Film Studies. She is presently developing her own brand Kemetic Kids and educational tool that teaches children Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.