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The HAPI movement is the execution of ideas and concepts set forth for the development of our economic empowerment.


HAPI Movement

Keeping it Moving

We wanted to show how local initiatives, strong communities and creativity could start a movement able to change our energetic, economic and democratic systems. HAPI strives to contribute to change the vision of what the future could be. Part of the film has been screened in different boroughs of New York & Sacramento California. It is said that HAPI should be part of the training of every political leader on the planet. We need to find new paths leading to common prosperity and resilience. This film is not claiming to have all the answers, but it definitely shows some great people inventing and trying to start the movement. We hope this movement of the future will make you feel powerful and passionate about what you can do in your own life, job, community, neighborhood, to give purpose and meaning to your actions.


financial literacy is key

The learning from many community groups has been that this film is a great tool for bringing together the local community, local political representatives, different community organizations and others. It is wonderful for convincing those who are cynical that bottom up, community action can have any meaningful impact, as well as for inspiring your community with possibilities. HAPI is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film. Produced and Directed by activist and writer Taaqiy Grant and filmmaker Robert Gay, the documentary explores creative solutions in the fields of economics, politics, and culture.


Support the education of our children all over the world. The experiences we have during the first few years of our lives shape the way we think and can teach us how to become responsible citizens, resolve conflicts peacefully, live harmoniously with each other and with nature. We would like you to prolongate the film’s screening with the organization of a classroom exercise. This exercise is meant to have students come together and think of one or (many) initiative that they would like to implement in their classroom, school or community, in the spirit of HAPI. Experience has shown that the HAPI film and the messages it conveys, goes beyond the actual screening. We think it is a great source of constructive talks for all, and are particularly interested in hearing what young Americans can imagine in order to build their own vision of the future of our society. Finally, as distributors of the film, this material can also be valuable in our efforts to create awareness around the film.



“ The HAPI film shows how local changes make a global impact.”